poem: a new amen


Restriction is the new Freedom

Homogenization is the new diversity

And selective silence is the new Free Speech


Handouts are compensation, duly earned

And Failure is the new success

To be mediocre is now to stand out

And where the fractional, felonious can run the show,

The ordinary citizen is fully sidelined


To coddle is to issue the new rallying cry

As offendedness is now the new assertiveness

To attack is to engage

And leisure is the hard-won endeavor


Where constellations’ compatriots once served prophetic

They now merely parrot, pathetic

Where muses and artists once blessed us

They now sit, virtue vetted and imprisoned

Cell mates alongside Founding Fathers, laid fallow

Audacious individuality, once celebrated, reigned in

As uninformed conformity mandates rule supreme


Hate has become the new love

Denigration is the new support

Destruction is creation

And to censor is now what it means to have A Voice


To invert is to rise up

To erase competition is to win

The paradigm shift, nothing short of seismic,

Has formed a fractured, sidetracked and weakened Mankind

Via policy, platform and belief,