Wife, mother, author illustrator and Free Speech and Arts advocate, Kimann Schultz “writes with pictures & draws with words.”

Kimann, wife and mother of two sons and a daughter, blogged at Huffington Post from May 2013 through January 2018. Her articles included Arts advocacy and appreciation, film and TV review, politics, parenting, fashion and style as well as pop sociological commentary. Kimann also has a podcast series, Fashion News & Muse, available online.

She serves on the boards of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, FAShion Arts Society at Newfields and the Indianapolis Opera.

A self-described “Pollyanna Polemic,” Kimann is the author of a full-length novel entitled THE COMFORTABLE MAN, numerous short stories and fairy tales as well as a full-length collection of poems & lyric poetry called RUGS ON PUDDLES COATS OVER OCEANS. Kimann’s essay “Do What You Have to Do” was featured in the 2012 release, THIS I BELIEVE: ON MOTHERHOOD and her essay was featured in Carmelo Blandino’s Monograph, IN BLOOM. She writes and performs original songs with her husband, Michael. A three-song EP, “Earthbound Ethereal,” is available on iTunes and at Amazon. Music videos for “Beautiful Rage,” and “Spirit of Christmas,” are on YouTube.

Kimann maintains several sites, each focused on a different area of interest:

Art & Lit – http://www.butterflybroth.com

Articles & Advocacy – http://www.kimannschultz.com

Interior Decorating & Collecting- http://www.modlodgeluv.com

Illustration & Portfolio – http://www.kimann.org

Music – http://www.LapofaMuse.com


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