arts advocacy

i as creative contributor, arts advocate and art historian stand in support of:

  • the protection of free speech and freedom of expression
  • the freedom of creative expression – the universe in its entirety exists for any- and every creative contributor as resource
  • the merit, virtue and aspirational purpose of traditionally held, psychologically and biologically upheld standards of beauty, classical ideals and their derived aesthetics as the foundational building blocks of modern civilization
  • freedom of artistic expression as an intensely personal expression and vital societal connector
  • freedom of artistic expression, even if at its most extreme, disagreeable or challenging, as a viable alternative to violence or destruction
  • freedom of expression as a celebration of self for everyone across the full spectrum, racially, culturally and over time
  • humor recognized and protected as an Art, for both its truth-baring, sharing qualities and most especially for its cathartic effects. Laughter is good “medicine”

i stand against:

  • historic and art erasure via iconoclastic rioting and mob appeasement leniency that rationalizes and tolerates destruction
  • post modern aesthetic re-writes that seek to politicize, destroy and undermine art throughout history, including history itself
  • feminist extremist affirmatized re-writes that seek to destroy and undermine art throughout history,  including history itself, by targeting the oeuvre and contributions of men, and the legacy of masculinity, over all time and societies
  • virtue-posturing censorship (virtue vetting) and prohibitionism posing as cultural appropriation protectionism
  • politicized blanket denigration of ancestral historic legacies and their cultural contributions as markers of Mankind over time and as original source materials
  • editorializing, agenda-driven media selectivity, which undermines all freedoms of expression and drives ignorance as a means to manipulate society
  • agenda-driven public education selectivity as a means to manipulate children

i write and speak up as an american citizen; to honor my ukrainian grandfather, who was executed under stalin; to honor my eldest son’s contribution to our freedoms as a marine, and to help secure the best possible future for my children.

i am glad and proud of my heritage and of who i am: a caucasian/white, 1st generation american woman, wife and mother. i believe everyone has this same right, to pride of self and to celebrate who they are, including the celebration of both similarities and differences with others. read more about my german-ukrainian heritage in these Huff Post articles: the traveling sweater; trying on tiaras 

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Fedor wrote
And spoke out
And was soon left to tuck scrap paper messages
Into the broken seams of the cuffs
Of his blood-encrusted shirts
Which, as laundry, was delivered beyond the prison walls
To his wife, to wash, to his son and to his daughter

His last note said
That what he was going to do
Would be what would be best

My father as breakfast cook crossed the ocean 3 times

He, once disembarked, dallied at the gate, there to finish a delicious apple he had tucked into his pocket

For Fedor I write
And speak out
Against the swell of well-intended shut-downs
And missives deployed as appeasement
For, if brought to logical conclusion,
There will be nothing left

With waves stilled, streams killed, walls stripped, shelves bared

We delete

And delet







Fedor (Theodor) Kerilowitch Gluschenko was arrested in Kharkov, Ukraine, on October 6, 1937, sentenced to death on November 29, 1937, and executed by firing squad on December 16, 1937, and buried in a mass grave. Through the efforts of his son, my father, Fedor was pardoned on April 7, 1989.

 Федір (Fedir), Федор (Fedor), Теодор (Teodor), Хведір(Khvedir), equivalent to Theodore,of Greek origin