cultural inversion: a warning

12/04/19 pondering the current social climate in which what i call Cultural Prohibition thrives, where now we are faced with a bigger manifestation of outright Cultural Inversion.

the tech world’s “Matrix”: social justice warriors, with marxist, feminist, revenge-driven leaders & their blind adherents, comprise the mostly anonymous, free-time click-chasing swarm that occupies the vacuum that is our tech-based universe. otherwise invisible and unheard, addicted thumptypers (social media consumers are called Users for good reason) appear to run the tech-based narrative by sheer volume alone. opposition, in particular anything that leans conservative, is squelched via  censorial the elimination of 1) due process (#metoo, believe-all-women), 2) all incarnations of the non-white lives matter movements 3) blanket attacks and inversions against western civilization, current and past and 4) executive based, top-down, personal agendas inextricably intertwined with political recruitment and campaign support 

pondering the phrase, “the devil finds work for idle hands.” here is an excerpt from on its origin:

The source of the proverb ‘The devil makes work for idle hands to do’ is debatable as there are so many alternative forms of expression that convey the same idea. It is certainly Christian texts of one form or another which were the first to put the proverb into print. For example, the 4th century theologian Jerome expressed the idea in his Letter 125:

Fac et aliquid operis, ut semper te diabolus inveniat occupatum.
[Do something, so that the Devil may always find you busy.]

The first version to appear in English, albeit Middle English, is in Chaucer’s Melibeus, circa 1405:

Dooth somme goode dedes, that the deuel, which is oure enemy, ne fynde yow nat vnocupied.
[Do some good deeds, so that the Devil, which is our enemy, won’t find you unoccupied.]

to this i add:

the Furies find work for idle minds

too much free time x loneliness* via real life disconnect due to tech/social media addiction x futility spawned by reality of what i call the human space-filler syndrome, from which online attack-swarm participants, especially anonymous ones, suffer equally, whether instigator or recipient of such aggressions.

the censorial outrage cancel culture inverts aspirational success by way of leadership/power/strength quashing, in favor of aggressive, affirmatized reward and/or compensation, ndulgence, coddled placement, appeasement and/or accommodation for benefit of all average or below achieving human beings regardless of personal or tribal histories, and additionally serves wrong-doers and criminals by rewarding anti-social behavior and acts in the same fashion. better situated (chance, legacy) and/or better endowed (intellectual, physical) human beings are subverted and censored, rendering all merit and reward, most especially of endeavor moot, which denies all aspects of personality makeups (genetic) and self-actualization (choice and deed) in the forming of organically attained leadership (nature  + nature + personal aspiration + accomplishment). true, sustainable leaders are denied their rightful places at the fronts and tops of any and all groups, endeavors and enterprises, and thus society sets itself up for inversions of all evolution to date, massive risk via frailty, and corruption at heretofore unheard of levels

i warn: this will come at great cost to US ALL.

*5/20 to this we now must add all unfortunate and tragic psychological and sociological ramifications of COVID-related lockdowns and quarantines, as well as the viarlization of the virus itself: over-consumed and over-shared, under-vetted news, info-as-entertainment, and grossly skewed studies (profit driven) posing as public service endeavors