Equal Outcome Conundrum

May 2018

Economists, sociologists – many experts – have addressed the reality of unequal outcome and the issues and strata it fosters, and also the issues that arise when outside forces attempt to “fix” (neutralize, eliminate, re-arrange) differences, including stratifications that will continue to organically emerge in societies over time.

Look up Pareto Distribution and read about it, or listen to Dr. Jordan Peterson discuss this.

Message to all “diversity” advocates out there, who are (at times unwittingly) in actuality advocating for homogenization, including forced homogenization via the ever more aggressive affirmativization (inversion) of society, often touted as post-modern cultural and political socialism: True and real differences, as they exist and as they naturally and organically perpetuate themselves, form the truest broad-spectrum reality of any society and remain the truest form of diversity, which is essential to the survival of any species and culture.

I have long said to this effect: We cannot all be neurosurgeons

In my words….

The current climate of attack, in particular the attacks that come from the so-called Leftists*, will coalesce to form a societal weakening and downfall because they are founded on a conundrum, an Equal Outcome Conundrum and because they are based on

Personal deficit manifested in a sense of short-changed existence, often self actualized as hurt, having been granted license via identity politics to be aired and used as ammunition and platform building, rationalized and fixated upon thanks to Victimhood Culture

Personal deficit as inspiration to act on grievance utterances, protest, negative action, from censorship to physical attack, as a leftist- facilitated and politicized platform foundation, which in its carrying out, postures as activism and pro-action

Personal deficit, having been fomented by notions of deprivation in the course of failed life and lifestyle pursuits (aggregated and exaggerated by affirmatized ideations of want, need and entitlement), made worse by exposure to the 24/7 pervasive and relentless broadcasting (tech and social media) of identic (selfish centrism) lifestyle posturing and pursuit in the quest for so-called fun (happiness, materialistically  and superficially distorted and confused), and competitively steeped, thanks to the continued over-sharing of  illusionary pretexts of successful attainment. These pursuits exist often with no regard for others to whom anyone is obligated, in particular the dependents (offspring) of anyone thusly affected by identical pursuits.

This is an era in which purely personal revenge agendas lie at the root of what drives and comprises leftist activism. It is victimhood, politicized.

The revenge-based climate is self perpetuating due to the conundrum that denies reality: Never are all equal recipients of anything. The fallacy believed in and supported by Leftists, is that all should always be equal recipients and beneficiaries of everything. Leftist equal outcome ideology is against Nature, all her Laws and all her outcomes over all time.

The repercussions of forced equality of outcome are this: Aggressive affirmative societal re-configuring, founded on Leftists’ reparations ideology and the championing of mediocrity, inverted success ideation and mass appeasement, fails and dilutes society by destroying and undermining all biological and social structures of competition and achievement. Ironically, it will continue to foment resentment in its entitled recipients, who, having gained nothing from un-earned largesse, who will not have earned just reward, will act out against their charitable sources, “biting the hand that feeds them.” Humans are evolutionarily not wired or programmed to desire or thrive on forced elevation and largesse, but made to think they believe this, having been programmed by Leftist socialist ideology to expect equal outcome as an inherent right of existence, to be gifted if it is not earned.

The blanket attacks on first-world men are a tactic of the victim culture strategy. Does this leave off where the restitution campaigns failed? Are positions to be vacated and opportunities to be forcibly created via indiscriminate erasure so that affirmatized, lesser and mediocre replacements can instead be gifted attainment, achievement and success? How is the stability of any society, when no longer based on any context of either merit or contest, able to sustain itself or evolve, given Mankind’s propensity to corruption in the face of disproportionately held power? If power positions are affirmatively held, the corruptive cross-over will occur ever more quickly and at ever lower levels, not only weakening society over all strata, but also compromising leadership, for ersatz leaders, affirmatively enthroned, will be unable to handle either the power or the responsibility that comes with the position.

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*Leftists defines extreme Left proponents, as opposed to traditionally defined Democrats