poem: for Fedor


Fedor wrote
And spoke out
And was soon left to tuck scrap paper messages
Into the broken seams of the cuffs
Of his blood-encrusted shirts
Which, as laundry, was delivered beyond the prison walls
To his wife, to wash, to his son and to his daughter

His last note said
That what he was going to do
Would be what would be best

My father as breakfast cook crossed the ocean 3 times

He, once disembarked, dallied at the gate, there to finish a delicious apple he had tucked into his pocket

For Fedor I write
And speak out
Against the swell of well-intended shut-downs
And missives deployed as appeasement
For, if brought to logical conclusion,
There will be nothing left

With waves stilled, streams killed, walls stripped, shelves bared

We delete

And delet







Fedor (Theodor) Kerilowitch Gluschenko was arrested in Kharkov, Ukraine, on October 6, 1937, sentenced to death on November 29, 1937, and executed by firing squad on December 16, 1937, and buried in a mass grave. Through the efforts of his son, my father, Fedor was pardoned on April 7, 1989.

 Федір (Fedir), Федор (Fedor), Теодор (Teodor), Хведір(Khvedir), equivalent to Theodore,of Greek origin