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kimann blogged at the online news, opinion and entertainment site that was the Huffington Post from may 2013 until january 2018

i remain grateful for the Huffington Post blogger platform i enjoyed from may 2013 – jan 2018, but do wish to track my posts as they appear at HP & on the web:

oct 2019 update: as what was once huffington post continues to be bought out by ever bigger media giants, the old blogger platform has been dragged along, with now, as photos show, articles becoming red-flagged, endangered specimens of fact, truth & thoughtfully rendered opinion

for now, they are still findable online, best on a laptop, & at this site

here are red-flagged articles on the newest version of the former HP blogger platform, where former bloggers can (still) delete articles. i do not touch these pages, as i would bet any activity draws the attention of auntie algorithm and her talons. each title is live linked – so long as the links work: art erasure: 21st c iconoclasm; plugged in passengers: where is Wall-E?; whine time: the trend gen; who lived, who died: who tells their story?; hamilton: it’s all bacon now; open letter to the media: change how mass killers and violent perpetrators are covered (2014 version); and here is the 2017 reprisal of my open letter to the media, same title 

please note: the app list does not seem to function on the phone; instead, pull up the full list of HP posts on your laptop or scroll down, where all links are posted.

these are honorable – named and not anonymous – honest bits of writing, possibly poised for erasure. the text of the red-flagged articles are posted on this site

Have you ever wondered: What about poor, old Jacob Marley? Then, this story is for you. Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave 1

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act, Stave II

and here is the the conclusion of Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave Final

and here, for anyone interested, is Stave Final of Jacob, an Alternate Ending….

search terms: Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, Ghost story, Christmas, Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Scrooge, Marley, Bah Humbug

this blog post features kurt vonnegut’s typewriter & my smith corona corsair, a robin’s egg blue typewriter given to me on my 11th birthday. A Tale of 2 Typewriters

search terms: kurt vonnegut, literature, free speech, radical free speech, typewriters, arts advocacy

this 4-part series features style blogger friends of mine. havin’ a ball – an opera ball & havin’ a ball – an opera ball v.2 have been written to help support the Indianapolis Opera – & as a small contribution to a much bigger picture, in support of the Arts as an essential bridge between Man & Mankind. I am winding down this fun set of articles, this time with a focus on Arts support in the new millennium – across all generations. Havin’ a Ball – An Opera Ball v. 3

And here’s my concluding piece, Had a Ball – An Opera Ball Part 4

search terms: opera, opera ball, philanthropy, fund raising, support the arts, free speech

art erasure: 21st c. iconoclasm – truly, will we have to look back someday at what will become known as the iconoclastic riots of 2017? please, no! read my thoughts on this issue & take pause….

what time is it? whine time: the Trend Gen – lamenting supply-siders’ millennial tunnel vision & millennials’ self-laudatory tendencies.

search terms: millennial pink, trend generation, wine by subscription, vicarious philanthropy, trend gen, millennials, retail, shopping, snowflakes

a 7-hour flight delay at Newark Liberty International, where touch screens are planted in front of every face, recalling Wall-E’s dystopian portrait plugged in passengers & travelers: where is Wall-E?

search terms: newark liberty airport, travel, plugged in, tech addiction, touch screens, airports, wall-e, dystopia, passenger tracking, airport restaurants

in support of art as alternate non-violent means of expression, picked up by americans for the arts

search terms: arts support, arts advocacy, free speech, americans for the arts, freedom of expression, censorship, art museums, galleries, music, newtown shooter, gun control

I recently traveled to New Hampshire & overnighted in the “tiny house” home of friends Chloe & Brandon. What a fun task, to try & capture some of their fantabulous story, Tiny House: a 21st c Odyssey

search terms: tiny house, tiny house movement, chloe barcelou, new hampshire, pirate ship, housing trends, hgtv, interior design, downsizing, small house, lifestyle

a nod to the unsung originator of the whole earth-friendly movement – recycling olde school: re-use

search terms: re-use, reuse, recycling, earth day, repurposing, earth friendly, environmentally friendly, environment, consumerism

dog, rescue spotlights robin herman of lucky dog retreat, our new pup, mav, & all the lessons i am learning

search terms: dogs, rescue dogs, no kill shelters, lucky dog retreat, aspca, pets, mutts, dog training, animal shelter, man’s best friend, #mavthehav

asking the media – again: who lived, who died: who tells their story?

search terms: hamilton, hamilton the musical, who lives who dies who tells their story, gun control, victims, violence, mass shootings, newtown shooter, victim advocacy, news, media, sensationalism, press

to close the year, for the holidays & beyond: 7 philosophical nutshells

search terms: a christmas story, A+, ralphie, the bird cage, la cage aux folles, dianne west, robin williams, nathan lane, horton hears a who, dustspeck, dr. seuss, theodor geisel, the west wing, rob lowe, sam seaborne, teachers, education, silver bullet, downton abbey, elizabeth mcgovern, lady grantham, hello lover, carrie bradshaw, sex in the city, manolo blahnik, sarah jessica parker, the grinch who stole christmas, the meaning of christmas, materialism, things n stuff, george carlin

a fun film to watch & critique: Mr Right, starring the amazing Sam Rockwell & Anna Kendrick, + twitter post

search terms: sam rockwell, anna kendrick, comedy, romantic comedy, film review, mr. right, moonpie,

trump take, or, hanging with chad is my post election musing on an interesting cultural manifestation

search terms: donald trump, republicans, republican party, america, the wall, mexican border, gun rights, gun control, breaking bad, the sopranos, tony soprano, bad guys, social media, citizens united, quick click, society, faux, congress

this post is a follow up to the piece on hunt slonem (see below), entitled  a conversation on creativity: endocepts & excepts, features artist carmelo blandino & delves further into the fascinating topics of creativity & inspiration as key personal & societal conduits for expression and legacy creation

hunt slonem, carmelo blandino, endocept, exocept, creativity, inspiration, arts support, art history, arts advocacy, so there, bunnies, expressionism, galleries, modern art, contemporary art

So There: Hunt Slonem & What I learned On Kindergarten covers talks with artist hunt slonem, personal school experiences (as student and parent) and arts education advocacy, my most heart-centered platform as writer

search terms: see above – also: indianapolis childrens museum, toucan, parrot, painting, original art, acquisition

i love this topic/issue – it has it all: women in society, fashion, social  and style history Burkini Bluster: History & Humor Help

burkini, burka, fashion, fashion history, religion, religious garb, middle east, freedom, freedom of expression, sociology, women’s rights, suffragettes, women’s vote, evolution

the celebration of kurt vonnegut’s legacy grows as does the need for support of non-violent expression Kurt Vonnegut & Indianapolis: The Celebration of His Legacy

search terms: kurt Vonnegut, Indianapolis, Kvml, library, literary, free speech, banned books, censorship, slaughterhouse 5, literary greats

are you as over the ticket scalping schneick show,aka Hamilton The Musical, as i am? Hamilton the Musical – It’s All Bacon Now

search terms: hamilton, hamilton the musical, lim-manual miranda, broadway, new york, ticketmaster, ticket scalping, scalpers, resell, resale market, bacon, tony award

the kurt vonnegut library, an indy gem, has launched a kickstarter campaign in its quest for a permanent home. it is rare that a new entity with such potential for culturally relevance comes along, where we can be a true, key part of its foundational process. read, enjoy and please check out their sites. Quest: A Permanent Home for Kurt Vonnegut’s Legacy

my latest huff post blog piece putt putt, prada & paintings: on par or not?  is in direct response to a recent wall street journal article, “pandering or populism in the arts” by terry teachout, which takes to task the indianapolis museum of arts’s newly opened mini golf offering. teachout also questions fashion’s relevance in museums – boy, was i happy to respond to that one

my open letter to the media: change how mass killers & violent perpetrators are covered, first published in may 2014 and re-posted/re-sent to media outlets each time another violent tragedy occurs, asks that the proven motivator of press and viralization be erased from the equation

for this clogs clogging’, overall wearin’,  camo luvin’ gal, a weekend at the music fashion fest coachella promises to be interesting on many levels. read about the prep and memories behind it, plus comments on the free people pc hoopla – boholuv old school: coachella bound

6s & 8s: the size to fit fashion fuss comments on the repeated claims by amy schumer as to her being a “6 or an 8” and the tangential mess she is referring to, the abysmal lack of standardization in the fashion industry

my most recent trendy wendy post explores the athleisure trend by asking the question: are you a yoganista or yoga slouch?

in & out: my explant experience is my own story as it relates to the disclosures via bravo tv’s real housewives of beverly hills of yolanda foster’s own journey back from silicon enhancement aka our nation’s really rather odd obsession over the big boobed form

can the sci-fi v.2 of The Martian net an Oscar? what a great film, but with no “bad guy;” rather a showcase of man’s gentle power when mind conquers over matter

giving thx  boils down to the simple ability to be thankful that one can still be thankful at all, all things considered. + an homage to tom, the turkey

registration games: gender, race age convoluted wordiness on basic fill-out forms suggests a pussy-footing around, when the basic terms of yore, all relative anyway, were fine as is

colts v. patriots – even cookies couldn’t cut it pays homage to sugary, illustrative free speech practices, which sadly still had my beloved team at a loss on the home field, and how tom brad’s stall tactic worked – despite the pending stuff against him, he managed to play this game

‘wir sind die neuen’ – we are the new ones is a delightful film, as of now only in german, worthy of an english language translation so that we too in the US can enjoy its oft hilarious age & life-embracing message

thanks to kurt – letters to vonnegut is my contribution to the indianapolis memorial library’s site page

this is a tough subject & was a doozy to compose in brief – there is so much to say as woman, mother, citizen. Likewise, I could site countless places and people who fit into the conflicting arenas of good/bad/right/wrong, who yet remain valid contributors to our expressive/artistic/historic legacies. Disclaimerland & Validation Via Virtue

exploring the how’s n why’s of fashion is fascinating and fun. Trendy Wendy: What’s Up With TTH via TMI? references the news story on a woman’s hospitalization due to her skinny jeans as well as the “naked dress” conversation brought into the spotlight thanks to commentary by venerable designer, Carolina Herrera

i had the honor to meet & chat with artists Hunt Slonem & Carmelo Blandolino at the Coats Wright Art & Design Gallery. for Kindred Spirits here is my post on both artists & the two women, Dianne Wright & Jane Eckert Coats, who hosted them

crystal fishbowl reflections: real housewives of NYC, season 7 – game on, gals, eh?

FAShion arts society hall of fame style: worn, lived, learned celebrates the life-long journey that is personal style expressed through fashion

it is spring, time for the greening, an homage to a pivotal childhood read

also posted at lewis black’s website, here is my take on a talk lewis to support indianapolis’ kurt vonnegut memorial library & to hear lewis black rant as only he can: gut spillers, truth speakers: lewis black at night of vonnegut

pop culture phenomenons are an interesting study. how they reflect us can be both telling and perplexing, including when i try to honestly gauge the how’s and why’s of my own perspective! 50 Shades of Grey or The 6 Gajillion Dollar Man

nostalgia nouveau: tech on top of tech asks several questions & muses a bit more on personal branding, expounding on my published letter to the editor at vanity fair. living pre-tech & now with it, i also ask: do my questions age me or empower me?

when politicized, polarizing issues & unresolved outcomes of tragic events incite blanketing censorship attempts, it’s time to speak up in defense of fashion & style freedom, one of the simplest (and most fun) ways we get to express ourselves. my hoodie

happy to link my previous article to this new post, a review & commentary on Big Eyes as film and mass media representative for a much loved pop surrealist genre. also had fun with the photo illustration, which features a vintage print that still bears the nameplate ‘walter keane,’ plus works by Jasmine Becket-Griffith,  Mab Graves – Her Waifs and Strays and Michele Lynch Art , which beautifully illustrate the connection back to margaret keane herself

NBCs live ‘pan’ in a nutshell is as brief as was this lavish attempt a miss. from the nepostically cast lead to the literal poor timing – a midweek slated kiddie show that went til 11? – pan is little more than pan-worthy

in reviewing the new sci-fi movie, Interstellar, i wound up writing a feminist piece. needed to, in response to the sigh-inducing “scientesse,” character as portrayed by anne hathaway. at least i can have fun creating new words to help explain myself. that, and one other, “eggstronaut.” read my review here – Interstellar: Time Blown

on the outset, this is a story about 2 wild birds i have encountered. reading into the metaphor, it becomes a story about all brave souls & when it is right to ask for help. dedicated to all who serve & have served & to those who help them. semper free: of hummingbirds & heroes

veterans reclaim armistice day – please visit my event news & the companion article in support of art as conduit for extreme expression & catharsis

A Pop Surrealism Primer: Spotlighting Mab Graves helps place a great (and fave) genre onto this rather main-stream online source (something i was surprised was almost non-existent there!) & most especially highlights a fellow indianapolis resident/creative soul, artist Mab Graves

FAShion Arts Society of the IMA grows in size & in the scope of our endeavors, whether it’s to raise funds or to learn and appreciate, all in the context of fashion as wearable and reflector of our place in time. my latest blog entry recaps our first overnighter and focuses on the simple magic that occurs when a group of patrons, professionals and collectors come together had have — fun. FAShion Arts Society in Chicago: the Best Part of the Day

this story, about a tiara & a beloved city, i wrote following a recent trip to berlin. it’s a combination of history, jewelry appreciation/history, & commemorates in its telling the coming down of the infamous wall that once cut berlin in two, which just celebrated its 25th anniversary: window shopping in berlin: trying on tiaras

mom bling pays homage to every noodle necklace, every pipe cleaner bracelet out there…. it’s about the jewelry in life that is, perhaps more than anything else, ALL about the thought, as given by any child to its maternal mentor/caregiver/loved one. what’s in your collection?

inspired by a Business of Fashion editorial the problem with one-for-one models and in my own desire to explore the underlying story behind the acquiring of the carlinesque things n stuff, i pose a series of tough questions on the omnipresent marketing ploy that is charity at point of purchase – or as i call it,”Vicarious Philanthropy.” in giving while getting, who really is benefiting, and in the embedding of philanthropy via consumerism, are we convoluting the path to real and solid betterment of both self and needful others? Vicarious Philanthropy: Are We Doing Good or Just Buying More?

just what is “hipster”? a demographic? a derisive term? it’s vague but it’s everywhere. chatted w Amanda Kingsbury here on Fb, & i decided it was time to weigh in w/ this, my newest HuffPost piece. read & enjoy & join in the conversation – what does this H word mean to you? trendy wendy: what’s up with hipster hate?

this post comes on the heels of the Fashion Arts Society’s marquee event, our lecture/luncheon Hats Off, which this year paid homage to the beloved shoe. fun, friendship & funds were raised in droves for purposes of acquisitions & to promote a key creative hoosier legacy. hat over heels: how indiana nurtures a FAShion legacy also links to a great set of pics – the greatest beauty of all being the smiles all around

super-size my foyer: on size and snark of mcmansions examines not only the sociological issues behind the bumbling, rambling edifices many try to call home, but also the impetus behind the snark: poking fun? analysis? stones at glass houses? as we indulge our attitudes we must be mindful that we americans identify more with quantity than quality, and we get what we pay for in the reflected excess we see all around us

i am honored to have been loaned the “traveling pink sweater” in order to add my post & pic to its roster. as a writer, not stylist or model, i was compelled to tell a story rather than present myself in this beautiful, vintage garment. a tribute to my Aunt is about breast cancer awareness and my aunt, a petite dynamo at 90 years of age, who is a survivor on many levels & as such this must be her story

diddling with arrow buttons: i want that job – that job used to be naming the gajillion paint colors for a paint manufacturer. pepto to mauve or cranberry au lait?…hmm; which one sounds best?… now, that job is the programming position that fucks with useless non-improvements (arrow button colors, the demise of the beloved “decline”) on an iPhone that still doesn’t fix the glitches that truly hinder functionality

the fashion arts society held its first ever virtual event for the 2014 oscars. why not merge our fashion love with high tech? FAS members & friends “met” at our Facebook page and chatted the red carpet show away. the result is a fresh and fun take from our midwest perch. ima fashion arts society’s red carpet review

yes, i confess – i am a casual follower of Bravo’s “Real Housewives”. i’ve had some fun formulating a pop sociological concept based on the way the Housewives (so called) behave, live & do as the seasons accrue (#6 starts next week for the NYC gals!) & dubbed it “crystal fishbowl effect.” bravo tv’s real housewives & the crystal fishbowl effect

this piece was written in response to an article in Forbes Magazine, “7 crippling parenting behaviors that keep children from growing into leaders” raising my 3rd child, my daughter, the questions of sex roles, tradition and gender neutralization are big ones – and nuanced. where girls, our daughters are concerned: what to impart? what not to impart? the Forbes article additionally takes a stab at anti-princess/anti-fairy tale platforms, with which i as a literary person take issue. parenting daughters: fairy wings or lear jets?

on this mid-winter’s day of obligatory cards, chocolates & flowers, here is my newest Huff blog post, a little story of thoughtfulness the mermaid valentine, which comes with my warm wish to you for a day of kindness, love & positive energy

in support of art as alternate non-violent means of expression. it’s my steadfast belief that, in supporting the Arts, we are providing important, alternate means of asserting oneself. i say we foster choices that help guide us to pens, not weapons

this brief post is in direct response to a social media quip i felt compelled to respond to, “if you want to piss a liberal off, wish them a merry christmas.” so-called christian advocates and christmas militants should educate themselves a little more on the history of the holiday, which my essay introduces, called before anyone has a cow over christmas….

trendy wendy is my HuffPost mini-series, in which i attempt to shed light on what i like to call ’emperor’s new clothes’ in fashion. KIR (keeping it real) should guide not only our consumption as buyers/collectors, it should also guide the mega-industry that is fashion retail. my latest trendy wendy post, what’s up with the ubiquitous side-zip closures?

i wrote The Twenty Dollar Chicken: A Message of Thanks a few years ago, when my son was on active duty overseas. it has resided in my “Short Story” folder, unread, since then. i would like to share it with you now, with thoughts of safe harbor for all our children overseas, and with my unmitigated hope for peace, and the wish that our societies can someday evolve to prefer non-violent resolution to all conflicts

nantucket, maine is almost 1000 miles from indiana, yet we are on the same time, thanks to our ridiculous designation as an eastern time zone state. i am sick of starting my days in the “dark of night” – aren’t you? Indiana’s Time Zone SNAFU addresses this issue & provides links to indiana’s central time zone coalition as well as to indiana elected officials

my daughter & i witnessed a purse snatching a few days ago. Witness to a Theft: Thoughts on Simple Pro Activism shares a few ideas i have based on this experience, things that might help all of us be just a little bit safer as we go about our days

fashion world insiders would be well advised to practice the progressiveness they preach in this latest manifestation of the information age, the  ever-growing presence of so-called  “beautiful nobodies,” the fashion bloggers who have descended upon new york fashion week, who are here to stay. in defense of bloggers everywhere, Fashion World Insiders vs Everyday Fashion Bloggers

Versailles 73 – American Runway Revolution is the story of the fundraiser created for the restoration of the Palace of Versailles – & of the truly revolutionary (& ultra cool!) way the evening played out. this indie film warrants our time & attention – you will find it reinforces all sorts of great things about us & our pursuit of aspects in life that add beauty & pleasure

No Shoes For You.  i couldn’t resist – asma al-assad’s renowned penchant for westernized luxury stands in unacceptable contrast to her hubby’s regime, for which she serves as (manipulated?) ambassadress. why is it that these leaders, while pursuing standards of euro-american status and comfort, repress their people as they do?

Leather, Kilts & Corsets: Indianapolis Welcomes GenCon & MotoGP celebrates the diversity and stylish individuality of these two groups, who descended upon Indianapolis late august 2013 with Super-Bowl-caliber results. kudos to indy for playing host so well

when fashion and socially-charged mandates collide: My latest HuffPost article is on the perfect little storm that is national “security,” practicality, women being legislated by male-dominated entities and yes, in a sense, fashion. the accepted personal handbags are so small as to be quite useless in size. NFL Handbag Requirements: the Reality-Based Issue

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s is the best docu-ad yet, elevating both the entity & its goods, proving in its emotional impact once again how much fashion really means, both in terms of personal expression & social reflection

Obtuse Cheese: A Lament is both my ode to this simplest, best of meals and my beef with the pretense the cheese/meat platter trend ’round here has given rise to, when garbled foreign names are offered up in an attempt at apple-wood-smoked-gourmet foodiness. KIR: keep it real.

Thomas Jefferson & Our Ancestral Tabbed Browser – upon viewing his revolving bookstand at monticello, i muse on its function as a precursor the multi doc views on a computer screen. also touch on the current skeuomorphism v flat design debate

Gatbsy Then, Gatbsy Again: A Comparative Review – pondering the connections between not only the luhrmann film to fitzgerald’s so-called great american novel, but also between its cinematic predecessor, jack clayton’s 1974 Gatsby

fashion blogging on 2 fronts: garment industry sizing inconsistency & a call for more relevant online reviews so all can better work around this age-old issue: Trendy Wendy: Call for Relevant Online Reviews

pondering the connection between us & the things we love & collect: Shoes – the 5th Food Group

delving into what i like to call fashion philosophy: Trendy Wendy: What’s Up with the Spikes?

Rainbows in Her Head, a mother’s homage to her self-dressing, pippi-esque daughter.

and my first feature as HuffPost blogger, a short story about my father’s final day, entitled Walk With Dad. hppic



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