film reviews

Mr Right, a fun film to watch & critique, starring the amazing Sam Rockwell & Anna Kendrick, + twitter post

can the sci-fi v.2 of The Martian net an Oscar? what a great film, but with no “bad guy;” rather a showcase of man’s gentle power when mind conquers over matter

happy to link my previous article to this new post, a review & commentary on Big Eyes as film and mass media representative for a much loved pop surrealist genre. also had fun with the photo illustration, which features a vintage print that still bears the nameplate ‘walter keane,’ plus works by Jasmine Becket-Griffith,  Mab Graves – Her Waifs and Strays and Michele Lynch Art , which beautifully illustrate the connection back to margaret keane herself

‘wir sind die neuen’ – we are the new ones is a delightful film, as of now only in german, worthy of an english language translation so that we too in the US can enjoy its oft hilarious age & life-embracing message

in reviewing the new sci-fi movie, Interstellar, i wound up writing a feminist piece. needed to, in response to the sigh-inducing “scientesse,” character as portrayed by anne hathaway. at least i can have fun creating new words to help explain myself. that, and one other, “eggstronaut.” read my review here – Interstellar: Time Blown

pop culture phenomenons are an interesting study. how they reflect us can be both telling and perplexing, including when i try to honestly gauge the how’s and why’s of my own perspective! 50 Shades of Grey or The 6 Gajillion Dollar Man

Versailles 73 – American Runway Revolution is the story of the fundraiser created for the restoration of the Palace of Versailles & of the truly revolutionary (& ultra cool!) way the evening played out. the Deborah Riley Draper film chronicles this historic event, an indie film that warrants our time & attention. you will find it reinforces all sorts of great things about us & our pursuit of aspects in life that add beauty & pleasure

Gatbsy Then, Gatbsy Again: A Comparative Review – pondering the connections between not only the luhrmann film to fitzgerald’s so-called great american novel, but also between its cinematic predecessor, jack clayton’s 1974 The Great Gatsby

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s is the best docu-ad yet, elevating both the entity & its goods, proving in its emotional impact once again how much fashion really means, both in terms of personal expression & social reflection


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