on creativity

A result of my Ted talk response TED2016 · Filmed February 2016 · 15:25 was to be finally inspired to write the article below, on endocepts and exocepts; much needed as these great terms are as yet too unknown. Search the two words and my article shows up as a the top result.

click here to see the video Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers

below is my response to it, also posted at the Ted Talk site.

click here to read my 10/16 HuffPost piece on creativity, “A Converstion on Creativity: Endocepts & Exocepts

my post on the Ted Talk follows:

i am a big fan of the endocept theory: the new/creative cooks/churns in the subconscious til it surfaces & presents itself to the conscious. from that point, it is up to the host brain to act – that “sweet spot” of actual execution. whether this presentation seems to have come to one in a dream or during a waking aha moment, it’s all there, all at once. it is now an exocept.

accessed creativity/originality can burst forth in a flood, manifested in a flurry. society is guilty of denigration, calling it manic, obsessed, as if it were something of an ill that needs “fixing.” people get labeled as chronic perfectionists, workaholics etc – psych terms tossed about by flippant non-doers/non-creatives who don’t get it, who are even intimidated by it. it’s reflective of contemporary western sedentarianism and passive consumerism (esp in entertainment). creativity can also “seep out” in a more measured manner. the doer is viewed as methodic, studious – society is not as freaked out by this manifestation. how one accesses the sweet spot portion of mr grant’s curve is unique to each doer.

but i propose the term “procrastinators” not even be used – better words exist – or make one up. even here, endocept and exocept – not recognized by my computer. my spell correct keeps trying to “fix” them. leave procrastinator & its negative connotation to those who remain non-doers, who only produce the ordinary/minimum 5 minutes before it’s due.

how one looks or dresses? sometimes it’s costuming, sometimes the doer cannot be bothered – they have other stuff on their minds.

& studies that gauge via browser choice? a tallied assumption on an intangible, which comes from a non-creative perspective. maybe good info for a human resources person; clearly focus is on standard ($) entrepreneurialism. creativity/originality thrives outside parameters of convenience & cool or sophisticated choices: a true poet will do better with the stump of a pencil than a word hack with a macbook air.