trendy wendy

trendy wendy is my HuffPost mini-series, in which i attempt to shed light on what i like to call ’emperor’s new clothes’ in fashion. KIR (keeping it real) should guide not only our consumption as buyers/collectors, it should also guide the mega-industry that is fashion retail.

…and when politicized, polarizing issues & unresolved outcomes of tragic events incite blanketing censorship attempts, it’s time to speak up in defense of fashion & style freedom, one of the simplest (and most fun) ways we get to express ourselves. my hoodie

just what is “hipster”? a demographic? a derisive term? it’s vague but it’s everywhere. chatted w Amanda Kingsbury here on Fb, & i decided it was time to weigh in w/ this, my newest HuffPost piece. read & enjoy & join in the conversation – what does this H word mean to you? trendy wendy: what’s up with hipster hate?

my latest trendy wendy post, Trendy Wendy: what’s up with the ubiquitous side-zip closures?, addresses the zippers we now must contend with on nearly all shoes & boots, no matter what other fasteners they come with. among the gajillions of booties out there, how about a few that still can actually be buckled or tied? i say, if we can tritz around in 3-4″+ heels, let’s also be willing to make some effort in the process. and there’s more. read on….

fashion blogging on 2 fronts: garment industry sizing inconsistency & a call for more relevant online reviews so all can better work around this age-old issue: Trendy Wendy: Call for Relevant Online Reviews

delving into what i like to call fashion philosophy: Trendy Wendy: What’s Up with the Spikes?

pondering the connection between us & the things we love & collect: Shoes – the 5th Food Group



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