viralization & its new devout

Stage it, pic it, post it. Ready, set, viralize…

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Why not? What dialogue was good for DeMille’s Rhamses II worked lyrically for Metallica and now serves this century’s new devout, the mixed pedigree, anonymous and easily swayed masses who have arrived with a click and a vengeance.

Viralization: the tech-facilitated, unfiltered information epidemic-level voice granted the click-addicted masses, and especially and unfortunately, those with the most spare time on their hands

And once posted and viralized, I am fascinated by the unwavering and often hostile defense of any and all of the so-called unstaged images/videos/u-call-it-incidents we are faced with 24/7.  Linebacker-worthy offense lines, aided by anonymity that only further exposes the underbelly of any given issue, employ name-calling and blanket labeling against anyone who questions any aspect of either the truth or motivation behind a viralized reality nouveau.

Breastfeeding as ideology (previous post available here) is a prime example of unnecessary elevation afforded the ordinary via viralization. Those who practice common biological functions like this, thanks to viralization, create from their experiences tell-all, show-all birthing and lactation exposes, done more for the benefit of the largely anonymous viewing masses at direct cost to the hapless little ones at the center of the whole process. The Observer Effect, though as an adverse force, directly affects the decision making processes of individuals  (Crystal Fishbowl Effect, available here and at Huff Post) who, aware of the stage upon which they now play, no longer do what they do per normal/logical/practical courses of action but rather perform and even compete with each other for attention of the many.

Aside from the immediate risks when the 15 minutes sought override any consideration for the mundane reality most situations require, I believe trends like this will do more harm for their purported causes than good, for they fail to allow for nuanced acceptance achieved by a more palatable and moderate approach to any situation or event. Where a more all-encompassing and permanent success is the end result desired, the population on the receiving end will only be turned off and away by the extremist behaviors that surface when the performance is the driving force, that which thrives thanks to the non-meritorious attention garnering viralization affords its users. When the bigger picture of the many is ignored or even shunned by the posting zealots, society cannot move forward, for the tangential sensationalism will only distract and foster over-response and push-back, with feelings of rejection thanks to the crass dichotomies presented by the zealots. Before you know it, too many are wishing themselves back in their original comfort zones and nothing will have changed at all. Extremism in all venues and causes almost always makes victims out of bystanders, with net zero progress in persuasion. In cases of lactation zealots or birthing circuses, for instance, the infant who simply needs to be career for in peace and quiet is the side note, the collateral, the hostage of tech-fed circus.

Moreover, what in reality is called forth are the same mystically-founded demons that are the palinization of free thought, heretofore found in the organized belief systems of politics or faith. Random occurrences, visions or manifestations whose origins and validity are readily solvable morph into hysterically shared viral events, origin and truth buried deeper with each click. Claims of otherworldly influence or origin appeal to Mankind’s childish penchant for superstitious belief, as does the just-in-case agreeability that fosters many newer religions – where to question would be to possibly conjure up disfavor or non-inclusion, the risk of being left out or behind in this world or the hereafter.

Today through viralization, the billboarding of self has become an easier accomplishment than most workaday achievements. Warholian 15 minutes can be boiled down to 15 seconds, viewed by 15 million in the blink of a computer refresh. And given the spare time our sedentary, computer-shackled society has saddled itself with, incidental notoriety or purposeful viralization of the mundane, the questionable or so-called un-staged has become the new bleeding eyed statue, the face in the toast, the new sign in the stars. To seek the attention and acceptance of outside others is the most lamentable aspect of viralized society, as it comes directly at a cost to those closest to us, who most deserve out attention, who should be put first.

When I see all that exists in its viralized glory, I know the world is coming full-circle with its own gullible self: 50% of the FB/YouTube/EZfame/Meaningless-Achievement-Seeking, media-possessed masses refuse to question anything whatsoever about the spontaneous erupted hubris while the other 50% of the FB/YouTube/EZfame/Meaningless-Achievement-Seeking, media-possessed masses is posting. In out Information Age, it is a great irony that faux facts are as prevalent as they were in medieval times, and just as believed.



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