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writer illustrator, arts & free speech advocate, wife and mother, kimann schultz tackles a variety of subjects, from fashion, style & art, to parenting & pop-sociological takes on current affairs. no topic is taboo, no trend above challenge, no question immune from being asked. time, education & experience have helped build a broad-spectrum progressive perspective inclusive of thoughtfully curated traditional platforms.

a fan of honesty, evolving dialogue, arts n smarts, kimann approaches each subject as an honest exposition of her Self.

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fashion news & commentary + the things that make you go hmmm fashion news & muse  originally airing at civil discourse now,  podcasts are downloadable online at & at iTunes.

kimann’s essay “benevolent illumination” is featured in artist carmelo blandino’s monograph, In Bloom

Do What You Have to Do, kimann’s essay, published in the 2012 edition of This I Believe – On Motherhood

In Support of Art as Alternate Non-Violent Means of Expression, originally posted at HP, featured at Americans for the Arts.

to read about the 2014 KVML armistice day event and more on Arts advocacy, click here

listen to an audio recording of Do What You Have to Do

read on for articles & advocacy & asking the tough questions:

whine time: the Trend Gen

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female empowerment redux, please: mommy victims & damsels in de-stress

obesity re-programming: is perception of an epidemic condition being manipulated & why?

forbes article on parenting: my response, especially as pertains to raising daughters: fairy wings or lear jets?

interviewed by blogger crystal hammon for “dress her days vintage – download: an interview with kimann schultz”

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