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all words & phrases are the intellectual property of kimann schultz, having been composed & employed by kimann, verbally or in written text. copyright 2013-20

i have been quoted by others here & there:

gut spillers, truth speakers – a re-post of my article at www.lewisblack.com





honored to have been quoted in the 2014 Oneida Nation Business Committee Meeting:

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https://in-knit.com/the-purl-side/tag/burkini text follows:

“But seriously, the study of clothing through the decades is fascinating; especially vintage swimwear and the story it tells about style changes as a reflection of the way women have changed throughout history.  How many of us have ever stopped to think about what the sporty, thongy, tanky, skirty, sarongy, or strappy suit under our swim coverup tells us about our evolution as women?  I know I haven’t until now.  It is actually part of an incredible historical journey – and the journey continues – and not just for westernized women.  I absolutely love the way Kimann Schultz in this Huffington Post article writes about the recent European Burkini controversy; ‘Westernized women didn’t go from hoop skirts to hot pants in a day, so how about we give this (Burkini) issue some space?  What if – what if – those Burkinis were a baby step in the right – as in correct – direction?  Who is anyone to naysay a small style step for women that in the bigger picture might turn out to be an onset inch towards a giant leap for womankind?’ ”

TRUST is a turn-on 2/14/18

take time to smell the puppies 2017

I have dubbed Millennials the “Trend Generation,” or “Trend Gen.” It points to their malleability as a demographic whose identity is crafted in disproportionate amount by what they consume, euphemistically marketed as lifestyle choices. An EZ-target darling of supply-siders, the Trend Gen generates its own free advertising, thanks to their 24/7 Smart Phone use and social media reliance – a double-edged coupe on both sides. 7/2017

people protect their ignorance – one seems smarter in a reduced realm 11/20/15

they who purport to know the most, know the least 

the common bloggers of today, by virtue of an utter lack of vetting by others, assume they are endlessly interesting as central topic and sole illustrative subject, a fundamental  error and 21st c tech-based definition of amateurism. the key is to tell another’s story, for within each word exists the author already 10/14

if the grass appears greener over there, it’s because that’s where the shit’s been spread the thickest 10/14

if a shortcoming is an unfortunate deficit, what is a “long-” or “tall-” coming?

shitty people do get ahead – or at least they seem to; for, though karma is a bitch, she takes her time, making therefore patience an even greater virtue 10/14

abuse is hurt paid forward 10/14

what a thrill it is, to see an awesome blog maintained by a very successful writer who has seen fit to quote me – ’tis a 21st c tech-based way to connect with kindred lit-inclined spirits & fellow advocates. in this case, it’s an invocation of quality and a nod to deborah riley draper’s documentary, “versailles 73,” where shone brightly the beauty of diversity on a multitude of levels: “the refined touch of de la renta at century furniture,” posted at saxon henry  4/14

cash is king, no matter how crumpled the bill  4/14

opportunity might be a door or a window, but the Arts are our bridges  4/14

the depth of the shallowness of some is truly breathtaking

diamonds are to pearls as is wisdom to wit: one is beautiful, one sparkles; both enhance the other 10/16/13

at dressing constitutionally.com, my comments on the nfl’s impractical pseudo-solution were duly acknowledged & paid forward in a post by professor ruthanne robson of city university of new york, with the thought that there might be fodder for sex discrimination in this case…. 8/13

on organized religion: if your religion makes you a better person, have at it. if your religion makes you think you are a better person, go back to square one

on organized religion: religion might be the great gatherer of Men, but it is the greatest divider of Mankind

on self-righteous religioists: no matter the religion/cult/belief, the higher the pedestal, the farther the fall 

on self-righteous religioists: there is no such blanketing, blind wrath as that of a cornered (hence doubtful and mad about that, too) zealot

i’ll see it when i believe it  

i am not high maintenance, but i am expensive

on perks & connections: if you worked at a bakery, you’d eat a lot of donuts 

on the american weight gain epidemic & its myriad snake oil remedies: 4 words: move more, eat less 

on women’s purported superiority to men: women are the ones who evolved smaller and with less hair – well, most of us anyway

on love for shoes: shoes are the 5th food group. one needs regular servings of them to be healthy, happy and well-fed.  click here for HuffPost article of the same name

on kurt vonnegut’s birthday, november 11, which also happens to be veteran’s day. vonnegut on chaos & man: “There is no order in the world around us, we must adapt ourselves to the requirements of chaos instead. It is hard to adapt to chaos, but it can be done. I am living proof of that: It can be done.” — Breakfast of Champions

ka schultz response, on chaos theory & man: there is no chaos; we pithy little humans are just unable to step back far enough to see the intricate patterns & exquisite design of a universe that, whether or not pre-ordained in its paths, spirals & star-deaths (or in our momentary and meaningless misdeeds) is anything but random 11/11/13

my FB post that accompanied the above:

readers: pick up vonnegut. not only for his wise & wry takes but also to pay homage to a (former) hoosier who spoke out against war & violence back when it was truly radical to do so…we still have a long way to go in this violent society of ours.

we owe this much to our servicemen too, so society can evolve past violent conflict and its so-called resolutions. i look forward to the day we send teachers, artists and musicians to infiltrate countries that “need” our “help

on being copied or imitated: mimicry treads a fine line btw flattery and pilfery 11/11/13

on taking chances: taking a chance is like going off the high dive – head first. if it’s scary, you count to three. but then you jump. there is more danger if you back down, for then you have to climb down – a wet ladder  – based on a childhood experience


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