full-length lit works

click here to see this article at Vail Voice for Anathelogium, which content is now part of NEITHERIUM

NEITHERIUM Prose & Poetry from the Neither – Elegantly transgressive horror & sci-fi short stories & poems, available at Amazon

for more info: http://www.butterflybroth.com & https://linktr.ee/K.A.Schultz

JACOB A DENOUEMENT IN ONE ACT Jacob Marley’s rest of the story available at Amazon 1st edition hardback is available via eBay

RUGS ON PUDDLES COATS OVER OCEANS – poems & lyric poetry 1991-2013 available at Amazon

for more info: http://www.jacobmarleystory.com

links to publications featuring essays & articles by kimann:

this i believe: on motherhood  publ by john wiley & sons. “do what you have to do”

americans for the arts re-post: “in support of art as non-violent means of expression”

artist carmelo blandino’s first monograph, In Bloom, “benevolent illumination”


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